About DataOnline

DataOnline is a leading global provider of M2M solutions specifically for the monitoring of both fixed and mobile remote industrial assets.

DataOnline is helping companies around the world maximize the utilization of their industrial assets with a broad offering of M2M solutions from Supply Chain to Asset Tracking and Health & Safety to Analytics.

DataOnline specializes in robust and reliable devices & sensors, remote data collection, global wireless communications & web-based applications. We supply end-to-end M2M solutions that are quick, easy and cost effective.



DataOnline offers a complete range of sensors, monitoring devices and installation & maintenance services. DataOnline products have a flexible architecture allowing for the right combination of sensor, power & communications.

You can find DataOnline solutions across industries and continents. DataOnline has offices in the US, Europe & Asia, a global network of representatives, in-house R&D and manufacturing, a dedicated 24×7 Customer Call Center and fully redundant Data Centers that combine to offer the very highest level of quality, service and value to our customers.