Wireless Tank Level Monitoring

DataOnline brings to you not only thorough and comprehensive experience in sensor selection and installation but also their finest hardware to tank level monitoring applications with more than 125,000 worldwide tank installations. Tank level monitoring can lower costs by delivering essential information required for optimizing and improving Supply Chain logistics, providing best solutions for remote tank monitoring and management for different systems.

DataOnline’s remote solution – Tank Level Monitoring deliver instant notifications of low inventory or high usage due to special sensors which can constantly monitor oil, gas or liquid levels in remote tanks. Along with these important tank levels alerts, inventory levels are continuously recorded to the cloud and consequentially uploaded into DOLV3, providing trends and historical data to use in forecasting, delivery scheduling and inventory management and service. Tank level monitoring has never been so simple and effective.


Tank Level Monitoring

To monitor the contents in a tank a sensor is used to measure the oil or liquid level and then the sensor translates that reading into an electrical signal which can be interpreted by the customer. There are many kinds of sensors that can be used for different products to measure tank level and inventory level. DataOnline has the experience to select and supply the right sensor for the particular tank level monitoring application and has developed specific solutions for different inventory or products.

The are many factors that go into the decision to select a particular sensor technology, such as type of product being measured, access to the tank, needed data, cost constraints, required accuracy for different systems and many more. The sensor is connected to one of DataOnline’s family of remote tank monitoring devices. Inventory data is then collected periodically in the remote device and then sent via the cellular or other wireless or wired networks to DataOnline’s data center that collects information from more than 125,000 DataOnline tank monitoring devices installed around the world.

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