Water, Wastewater Assets

April 9, 2015:


DataOnline provides numerous solutions to Water Authorities to monitor and control remote assets including pipelines, lift stations, chemical treatment plants, pump stations and tanks. No matter how remote the asset is DataOnline has a cost effective solution that will constantly monitor and control critical variables to ensure water quality and minimize environmental impacts. Data is accessed through DOLV3 from where it can also be integrated seamlessly with existing DCS systems at a central plant location.

Whether as a primary or backup energy source an onsite diesel tank can be monitored to optimize replenishment and avoid a costly run-out.

Feature And Benefits

Supply Chain

  • reorder level for diesel tank replenishment

Health and Safety.

  • avoid costly spills due to pump failure
  • early warning of equipment  failure
  • overflow prevention
  • level monitoring for  leak detection


  • equipment performance
  • planned and preventative maintenance