Tank Level Monitoring

April 9, 2015:


Tank Level Monitoring

With over 125,000 tank installations worldwide, DataOnline not only brings their best in class monitoring hardware to tank level monitoring applications but also an in-depth knowledge and experience in sensor selection and installation. Level monitoring provides the information necessary for optimizing Supply Chain logistics translating to lower costs. For many products in remote tanks highly dangerous situations can occur if they get too hot or too cold, increase or lose pressure. Instant notifications of such parameters being out of range facilitates timely remediation to ensure safe operation. With DataOnline tank solutions all of the data related to the parameters being monitored is also continuously recorded and subsequently uploaded into DOLV3 providing a rich source of data for further analysis.

 Feature And Benefits

Supply Chain

  • improve delivery truck utilization
  • avoid costly run outs with reorder point notifications
  • minimize road miles
  • enhanced customer satisfaction

Health and Safety.

  • avoid costly overflows and spills with high level alerts
  • preempt dangerous pressure build up
  • overfill prevention with local and remote alarms


  • accurate usage rate data for improved forecasting
  • optimized delivery schedules
  • route planning
  • interface to ERP systems


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