Rail Tank Cars

April 9, 2015:

1-aWhen it comes to monitoring rail tank cars Dataonline provides their customers with rugged, self-powered hardware to monitor critical parameters and location. Notification of impacts that exceed pre-determined thresholds can assist in the determination of when and where damaging impacts may have taken place. For fuel gas applications, such as LNG, complete explosion proof solutions are available that come with world-wide certifications.

Knowing where inventory is while in transit, coupled with DataOnline’s tank monitoring solution on production and end user tanks, can provide total inventory visibility in the supply chain.

Feature And Benefits

Supply Chain

  • total inventory in transit visiblity

Health and Safety.

  • notifications of dangerous pressure build up
  • notification of product temperature rising


  • time and location of damaging impacts
  • geofencing providing early indications of route deviation