ISO Tank Containers

April 9, 2015:

1-aDataOnline has 1000s of ISO tank containers in the DOLV3 platform where our customers track and monitor these high value assets worldwide, including while at sea. If the product is hazardous and requires an explosion proof solution, it’s no problem. LNG and Ethylene ISO tank containers are being tracked continuously as they travel the globe adding a level of safety and peace of mind throughout their journey. As a member of ITCO (International Tank Container Organization) DataOnline participates in the development of best practices and standards for the safe movement of ISO tank containers on the world’s roads, railways and oceans.

Feature And Benefits

Supply Chain

  • notification when ISO tank is empty

Health and Safety.

  • detection of product venting
  • high pressure alerts


  • performance of vacuum insulation


  • time and location of damaging impacts
  • geofencing providing early indications of route deviation