April 9, 2015:

1-aThe hazardous materials regulations have changed significantly over the last several years. For road vehicle transporting hazardous chemicals, fuel gases and refrigerated gases knowing exactly where they are together with the condition of the product has become an increasingly important requirement for safe fleet management. DataOnline remote monitoring devices provide continuous monitoring of product variables such as temperature
and pressure, with instant notification should potentially dangerous changes occur. Our integrated GPS module provides location of your vehicle at all times, which can be geofenced so that route deviations are instantly reported.

Knowing where inventory is while in transit, coupled with DataOnline’s tank monitoring solution on production and end user tanks, can provide total inventory visibility in the supply chain.

Feature And Benefits

Supply Chain

  • total inventory in transit visiblity

Health and Safety.

  • notifications of dangerous pressure build up
  • notification of product temperature rising


  • time and location of damaging impacts
  • geofencing providing early indications of route deviation