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  • DOLV3 is a fully redundant, high availability, global platform delivering connected information for industrial assets.
  • DOLV3 comprises a Global Communication Gateway, high performance databases, online Applications,Configuration management ,System monitoring, Integration with external information systems & data sharing.
  • DOLV3 connects Industrial Assets to their corporate systems with the immediate benefits of optimizing resources, improving Asset utilization and strengthening customer relationships.
  • DOLV3 servers are housed in Tier 1 hosted facilities, providing the most reliable M2M services available today.
  • DOLV3 is an easy to use online management system for the monitoring and management of industrial assets.


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    • Assets are at the center of the DOLV3 system and can be manually configured using the DOLV3 administration tools or automatically configured though a custom interface between DOLV3 and an external system.
    • Assets are typically industry related and can be fixed or mobile.
    • Assets can be as simple as a single tank or as complex as a unmanned plant that is a combination of multiple pieces of equipment.
    • DOLV3 is a global platform, so Assets can be located, or travel, anywhere in the world.
    • DOLV3 is highly scalable and can manage Asset populations up to hundreds of thousands.
    • When a DataOnline Device & Sensor(s) is installed on an industrial Asset this equipment is easily configured in the DOLV3 portal and then associated with the configured Asset.


  • Access to your data in DOLV3 is quick and simple via PC, tablet, or smart phone. You simply need an internet connection.
  • A variety of solution specific Applications are available on demand from the DOLV3 platform, presenting the data collected from your remote assets, enriched with connected information in a way that’s most familiar and of value. Tracking, monitoring and managing your remote assets has never been easier and more intuitive.


  • Using the DOLV3 online portal you can configure canned and custom Reports and have them automatically delivered to where ever you want them, on your schedule. On your desktop or mobile device. At work or home.
  • Manage your remote Assets with reports that contain the business intelligence you need and that you have at your finger tips in DOLV3.
  • Exceptions Reports are based on conditions that you configure in DOLV3. Early detection and avoidance of costly incidents such as product stock outs or pending remote equipment failure can be reported to you as soon as they are detected , providing the maximum amount of time for corrective action.


  • Within DOLV3 there is an extensive Alert notification capability. You can quickly & easily configure an Alert so that you are notified immediately of a particular event such as product in a tank reaching a certain level or your ISO container has reached its destination.
  • Alerts can be delivered by e-mail, by text , to the desktop or via a custom system interface to your internal systems.


  • DOLV3 is integrated with Google Maps and Baidu Maps (China) to provide the very best geographical interface for managing industrial Assets anywhere in the World. Track and monitor your Assets using the many mapping features in DOLV3 such as breadcrumb trails (that trace the route that an asset has taken), trip identification & geo-fencing (providing notifications when deviations from a predetermined route occur).

Data Sharing

Information Access
  • DOLV3 has extensive capabilities to exchange and share data to and from external systems. DOLV3 is connected to many corporate systems such as SAP and logistics platforms , providing an automated, highly integrated connection for utilization of shared information.
  • Whether it is a simple FTP or a sophisticated web services connection, critical information is communicated in and out of DOLV3 , allowing for the most enhanced and enriched applications.

Global Communication Gateway

Global Communication Gateway
  • DOLV3’s Global Communication Gateway manages communications between DOLV3 and a global installed base of Devices, whether they are DataOnline products or 3rd party.
  • With Devices in over 65 countries, DOLV3 has direct connectivity to many of the world’s leading carriers. Regardless of if the communication is via ethernet, GSM, CDMA, Satellite or landline, data collection is immediate, secure and reliable.
  • Supporting an array of communication technologies across many countries DOLV3 is literally managing Assets Anywhere and Everywhere.