Wireless DataPortTM Series

DataOnline has 25+ years experience in the development and manufacture of monitoring equipment and offers a complete range of products (DataPorts) that provide cost effective solutions for virtually all remote monitoring applications. Many of these applications require DataPorts to be self-powered and also provide power for all of the attached instrumentation.  Consequently the energy balance is a primary design consideration for all DataPorts in order to achieve minimum power consumption.

DataPorts range from low cost single channel units that can be used to monitor a single parameter such as a tank level, to multichannel devices that monitor complete plants with up to 255 channels available for both analog and digital inputs. Simple control functions are also available across the range of DataPorts with both digital and analog output capability.

DataOnline is directly integrated with cellular and satellite service providers throughout the world, translating to the most economical global solutions. A modular approach to communications facilitates flexibility in choosing the appropriate data modem for the application, whether it be GSM or CDMA cellular modem or an Iridium satellite modem for global solutions.

All DataPorts have additional serial ports that allows them to be equipped with any of a range of add-on modules.  Customize your Data Port with off the shelf additional functionality  that is cost effective.


Add-on modules:

ic-1  Impact detection ic-2  GPS Track and Trace
ic-3  Motion detection icon_signal  Signal Isolation (4)
ic-5  Relay switched output (4) ic-6  Thermocouple conditioning (2)


DPW400 Wireless DataPort™

With over 100,000 DPW400s installed worldwide, this wireless DataPort is the work horse for DataOnline’s remote monitoring solutions. It provides for up to 4 analog input channels suitable for all standard industrial instrumentation for process variables such as pressure, temperature, level, flow, conductivity, pH and concentration. The DPW400 DataPort is compatible with the complete range of add-on modules that provide additional features and functionality to quickly create cost effective customized solutions.


  • Low power operation
  • Event and alarm notification
  • Data logging and trending
  • Ease of installation
  • Low maintenance


DPT288 Wireless DataPort™

For the remote monitoring applications that require extensive data logging and monitoring across numerous analog and digital channels DataOnline offers the DPT288. The DPT288 is expandable for up to 255 channels of both analog and digital inputs (I/O) via 32 channel expansion modules connected together through a multi-drop RS485 Modbus network. This I/O can be input directly to plant instrumentation or interfaced with PLC’s via serial or Ethernet ports.


  • Extensive I/O capability
  • Events and alarm management
  • Data logging and trending
  • Control functionality


DPL385 DataPort™ Tracer™

Although GPS functionality is available throughout the DataPort family of products there are many applications that require location and tracking only, without the overhead of additional functionality, cost & power consumption. For such applications DataOnline offers the DPL385, a low cost solution to track and trace assets globally. The DPL385 Tracer is a rugged self-contained unit with sufficient Lithium batteries to provide power for up to 5 years of service. Motion detection is a standard feature which not only provides the ability to minimize power consumption, but also provides instant notifications for remote assets being unexpectedly moved or tampered with. Visibility of assets is provided though Google maps as a standard application within DOLV3, DataOnline’s Web based software platform that provides additional features that facilitate trip analysis.


  • Global Track and Trace
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Extended power operation
  • Impact detection


DPW344XP Wireless DataPort™

With the recent development of LNG as a low cost energy source the ISO tank container population for this liquefied gas has increased exponentially. Being a liquefied fuel gas, there is a considerable amount of stored energy in the vessel and safe transportation throughout the supply chain is of paramount concern. DataOnline is the market leader with a complete quick, easy and cost-effective Class 1 Division 1 solution utilizing a flexible explosion proof cable inter-connect between ex-proof instrumentation and DPW344XP. With GPS and impact detection as standard the DPW344XP provides a complete off the shelf ex-proof solution with world-wide certifications and global visibility from refinery to point of use. For use in any fixed or mobile monitoring application that requires ex-proof equipment.


  • World-wide Ex proof compliance
  • Alarm notification
  • Global Track and Trace