Health & Safety

April 2, 2015:

Real time monitoring and instant notifications are essential for the safe operation of remote industrial assets. For hazardous materials in transit by rail, on the road or at sea, parameters such as temperature and pressure need to controlled within predetermined limits in order to maintain safe conditions for the vessel and its product in order prevent dangerous conditions occurring.  For many ISO tank containers it’s mandatory that
these parameters are regularly logged whilst at sea resulting in additional shipping costs.

Considerable financial losses can occur when produce in refrigerated containers spoil due to refrigeration equipment failure which has not been reported and responded to in a timely manner. Failure of on-site remote equipment such as pumps, generators and compressors can lead to costly overflows and spillage, or even a complete shutdown leading to loss of production. For these examples and many other applications DataOnline’s M2M solutions provide visibility and instant notifications of key parameters going out of range, so that they can be remedied to keep your remote equipment operating in a safe and efficient manner.