Asset Tracking

April 2, 2015:

With the advent of accurate and economical GPS, keeping track of mobile assets has never been easier and cost effective. An optional GPS module can be fitted to all of DataOnline’s DataPort family of remote monitoring devices to provide regular location fixes of your remote industrial assets, together with any other operational parameters being monitored.

A satellite communication module fitted into a DataPort remote monitoring device provides ubiquitous global coverage.

Track and monitor your Asset in DOLV3. DOLV3 is integrated with Google & Baidu (China) mapping services to provide best in class geographical interfaces with many features such as breadcrumb trails (that trace the route that an asset has taken) , trip identification  & geo-fencing (providing notifications when deviations from a predetermined route occur).

Knowing where and when an Asset encounters a high impact or delivers its pay load are just a couple of examples of key operational information that DataOnline’s Asset Tracking solutions can provide.

For tracking applications that require location only DataOnline offers a small self-powered and low cost module which also comes with motion and impact detection making it ideal for security applications where you can expect immediate notification should your remote asset unexpectedly start to move.