April 2, 2015:

DataOnline’s M2M solutions continuously monitor all the inputs connected to any remote monitoring device and their values are also stored and subsequently uploaded into DOLV3 where this data is available for further analysis.  These analyses can provide significant benefits and tremendous additional value. For example, a powerful analytical tool built into DOLV3 utilizes algorithms to forecast product usage in remote tanks that is
subsequently used to produce cost effective delivery schedules.  Further, analysis of the actual deliveries made can provide essential information as to whether tanks are sized correctly in order to minimize capital costs.  Analysis of pressure trends on vacuum insulated tanks facilitates the determination of how well the insulation is performing. This type of real time analysis is critical to prevent significant product loss for liquefied gases in ISO tank containers that could be in transit for many weeks. Effective planned and preventative maintenance schedules for remote equipment can be determined from the analysis of hours run or other operational data collected. DOLV3 has many canned analytical reports and tools available as well as the ability to create custom analytical reports. DataOnline is committed to putting your data to work for you, so should any custom analytical reports be required our IT support group are available to construct them for you.