DataOnline’s M2M solutions continuously monitor all the inputs connected to any remote monitoring device and their values are also stored and subsequently uploaded into DOLV3 where this data is available for further analysis.  These analyses can provide significant benefits and tremendous additional value. For example, a powerful analytical tool built into DOLV3 utilizes algorithms to forecast product usage in remote tanks that is
subsequently used to produce cost effective delivery schedules.  Further, analysis of the actual deliveries made can provide essential information as to whether tanks are sized correctly in order to minimize capital costs.  Analysis of pressure trends on vacuum insulated tanks facilitates the determination of how well the insulation is performing. This type of real time analysis is critical to prevent significant product loss for liquefied gases in ISO tank containers that could be in transit for many weeks. Effective planned and preventative maintenance schedules for remote equipment can be determined from the analysis of hours run or other operational data collected. DOLV3 has many canned analytical reports and tools available as well as the ability to create custom analytical reports. DataOnline is committed to putting your data to work for you, so should any custom analytical reports be required our IT support group are available to construct them for you.

Health & Safety

Real time monitoring and instant notifications are essential for the safe operation of remote industrial assets. For hazardous materials in transit by rail, on the road or at sea, parameters such as temperature and pressure need to controlled within predetermined limits in order to maintain safe conditions for the vessel and its product in order prevent dangerous conditions occurring.  For many ISO tank containers it’s mandatory that
these parameters are regularly logged whilst at sea resulting in additional shipping costs.

Considerable financial losses can occur when produce in refrigerated containers spoil due to refrigeration equipment failure which has not been reported and responded to in a timely manner. Failure of on-site remote equipment such as pumps, generators and compressors can lead to costly overflows and spillage, or even a complete shutdown leading to loss of production. For these examples and many other applications DataOnline’s M2M solutions provide visibility and instant notifications of key parameters going out of range, so that they can be remedied to keep your remote equipment operating in a safe and efficient manner.

Supply Chain

Striving to optimize their Supply Chain is a crucial management activity for many companies, because it usually translates directly to lower costs. For companies within the industrial gases, chemical and oil and gas industries, optimization of deliveries to their customer’s tanks is essential to their profitability. Many of them make significant investments in sophisticated ERP systems with forecasting, scheduling and resource planning routines designed to optimize product deliveries and reduce costs.

The common requirement for all ofthese systems is forlevel and consumption data from their remote tanks. With DataOnline’s remote monitoring solutions,access to accurate level and usage information is guaranteed and available 24/7. For companies and organizations that do not have such systems, no need to worry, DOLV3 comes complete with its own forecasting andscheduling routines. Also DataOnline’s customer service department is at hand to provide Webinar training on the DOLV3 system and to assist with the installation and initial set-up of your remote monitoring hardware to ensure you maximize the benefits.

With a DataOnline monitoring unit watching over your customer installation24/7 in many instances you are able to safely lower reorder points resulting in optimum deliveries, fewer trips, and lower miles leading to lower costs.

Asset Tracking

With the advent of accurate and economical GPS, keeping track of mobile assets has never been easier and cost effective. An optional GPS module can be fitted to all of DataOnline’s DataPort family of remote monitoring devices to provide regular location fixes of your remote industrial assets, together with any other operational parameters being monitored.

A satellite communication module fitted into a DataPort remote monitoring device provides ubiquitous global coverage.

Track and monitor your Asset in DOLV3. DOLV3 is integrated with Google & Baidu (China) mapping services to provide best in class geographical interfaces with many features such as breadcrumb trails (that trace the route that an asset has taken) , trip identification  & geo-fencing (providing notifications when deviations from a predetermined route occur).

Knowing where and when an Asset encounters a high impact or delivers its pay load are just a couple of examples of key operational information that DataOnline’s Asset Tracking solutions can provide.

For tracking applications that require location only DataOnline offers a small self-powered and low cost module which also comes with motion and impact detection making it ideal for security applications where you can expect immediate notification should your remote asset unexpectedly start to move.