CO2 Tanks

CO2 tanks must meet specific requirements of safety as well as production. One main demand of the market today for CO2 tanks are that the vessels provide an ultra-low leak. This is because the release of CO2 into the environment is extremely hazardous and detrimental to both nature as well as the people that are within the area of the tanks, especially if in an enclosed environment.


This advancement not only protects the environment and those around it, it also increases the amount of time the product inside the vessel will last. Compared to the previous foam insulated tanks, this progressive alteration will hold the chemical CO2 about eight times longer and does not need mechanical refrigeration to maintain pressure. These new outer jacket designs prevent and end insulation deterioration from factors such as condensation from water from the inner vessel. Additionally, operational costs are reduced from lost electricity and gas leaks. All in all, CO2 storage tanks are designed and built to offer a long-term green value.

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